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a musical-comedy extravaganza

Ze Follies Doree! is a musical-sketch-comedy show created by writer/performers Karl Amundson and Tom Meglio. Ze Follies draws its inspiration from American vaudeville (without the racism), the mythos of the Moulin Rouge (without the budget), and the irreverent bacchanalia of our modern times (without the end-times vibes). Joined by their determined accomplice – Houseboy (resident hypeman/waterboy/court jester in hot leather shorts) – and an eclectic cast of characters, creators/hosts Karl Amundson and Tom Meglio delight, disarm, berate, and charm their audiences in a musical-sketch extravaganza.

Come to Ze Follies to experience "French New York," drag-queen fantasias, dirty barbershop quartets, curious can-cans, off-kilter advertisements, and endless encores. It will be a night you will never forget. We promise. 

What began as a living room variety show is now finding larger audiences across New York City. Find @zefolliesdoree on Instagram to learn where you can catch an upcoming show! 

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