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(In Ongoing Development)

FALLING FORWARD - AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL follows Meghan, a 23-year-old queer sculpture artist, packing up her NYC apartment after the worst year of her life. As Meghan packs, her belongings, devices and vices come to life, reenacting the events of Meghan's disastrous year, and forcing her to relive the memories that haunt her. Meghan must decide what to throw away and what to take with her, as she tries to move on into an unknown future while letting go of the past. Falling Forward was selected as a finalist for The 2020 New York Musical Festival.


Karl's song Purple Chucks was a finalist in Taylor Louderman's Write Out Loud Contest! It was featured in Write Out Loud's Virtual Jam, hosted by Taylor Louderman, and will be featured in the Write Out Loud concert hosted at Feinstein's 54 Below later this year!


Vocalist Emily Kristen Morris sang Karl's song, Contradiction. Check it out on Spotify or YouTube!

LENORA DUPONTE: LIVE ON MARS! (in development)

Devised with Emily Fink, Katie Langham, and AC Horton, this new musical is about famed Broadway actress and socialite Lenora Duponte, who escapes Planet Earth in 2060, amid the flooding of New York City, to live on the Planet Mars and perform the first-ever live-streamed cabaret from Outer Space.